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Step into a world where walking becomes a true source of pleasure! Imagine yourself floating on a magical carpet, while absorbing the surroundings with a calm pendulum motion. It's like taking the time to smell, feel, and see everything around you – an experience that has never made walking so enchanting.

Our balance bike is the ultimate fusion of walking and cycling, elevating your experience to unprecedented heights. It's more than just walking on a bike; it's a refreshing way to move yourself, discovering the world in a unique way and combining the benefits of both activities.

Think of the versatility of our balance bike - a perfect combination of bike, scooter, and treadmill. In 6 gears, you can walk at your own pace. A light walking motion activates the treadmill and lets you walk away effortlessly. With the assistance, you can reach speeds up to 25 km per hour, while still walking relaxed at a comfortable pace of 4 km per hour. And all that without any saddle soreness ;-)

Choose one of our mapped out routes and fully enjoy all the beauty our magnificent Limburg has to offer. Before your adventure, we'll give you clear instructions, and you even have the opportunity to take a test ride to become familiar with the balance bike, ensuring you leave safely and full of enthusiasm.


Let yourself be surprised by this unique experience and discover how walking on our balance bike becomes a feast for all your senses!


  • New from April 2024

  • Price: 45 EUR per day (incl. VAT) 

  • From 18 years old from 14 years old with adult supervision 

  • Battery for about 40 kilometers 

  • 1 person per bike 

  • Only to be used on paved terrain 

  • Pre-mapped routes are waiting for you 

  • By reservation only. Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail. 

  • Download our general terms and conditions. 

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